So Thursday, November 3, 2010 the sheriffs in Santa Clarita decide to pull me over a little bit before midnight….to ask me “What’s up with my tinted windows?” Like WTF do you mean what’s up its cold outside and there up (LOL!). Like for real…get out of my face. The officer asks me if I brought the car the way that it was….tinted windows in all….where I lived and other stupid ass questions you don’t ask a bride to be the night before she leaves for Africa.

In My Head I’m Thinking: Like Run my plates and you will we that I live in the house you stopped in front of! HILARIOUS–NOT.

This is why I started my newspaper Say It Loud! cause I’m DONE and I’m tired …and don’t have time for this bull.

So then…officer asks for my drivers license which was in my purse in the back seat ….for fear I might be shot, I informed the officer that my license was in my license was in the back…he asked me if I knew my DL # (In My Head I’m Thinking: No Fool) ….

Let’s talk about why you really pulled me over Driving While Black (DWB). he got my wallet out and I gave him my license. THEN….he asks

Officer: Is everything okay with your id?
Me: I think so
Officer: You think so?!?!?
Me…. In My Head I’m Thinking: Bitch take my damn Id and run my shit. You already know who I am and where I live.

I had this car for a year and one week and your gonna pull me over for tinted windows…..when I have been driving all over Santa Clarita (rolling my eyes….right now at this moment that I am writing this….and probably at the officer at that moment!) and L.A. for a year. I guess I wasn’t informed of the “California Tinted Windows Law.” What’s the name of the law….I’ve been a journalists for almost half my life he’s lucky I didn’t have time to google that shit on my phone….what’s the name of the law? Get the heck out of here.

The officer who was Caucasian sends his Hispanic partner to give me my DL back.

Hispanic Officer: As my partner said there is a CA Law about tinted windows (rolling my eyes at the fact that your bitch ass didn’t even have the decency to bring my id back.)

In My Head I’m Thinking: Give me my damn DL back dumb asses…you lucky my momma isn’t in the car…….and you stopped me three houses down from my house… already know what’s up.

You guys (SVC LA Sheriffs Department) pulled my dad over when we were on the way to my lil bros football game……last year…..said my break light was out–two days after I was just at the DMV for my driving test BS.

You know what you guys are RUDE and disobedient and I am DONE. (inside joke for some of my ppls).

Next time you pull my butt over it better be for:
1. talking on my BlackBerry with out my ear piece
2. speeding to my job at the Black AIDS Institute or
3. when I’m sending out a tweet or Facebook update

I really would like to add some more curse words but I’m not ….my mom says its un-lady like.

Of course the idiots didn’t have there damn business cards….In My Head: you don’t have it write your shit down on a piece of paper….they probably don’t have that either…….walking around with their damn digital recorders.

You know I should blog more often….what I really want to say is your a douche with a badge….LMAO.

In another thing If I have tinted windows …they ain’t tinted enough if you knew I was DWB! Shit I am Interactive Media Coordinator you don’t know what kind of tricks I got under my sleeves….in or around my car like windows that change colors.

B-I-T-C-H-E-S get on my level.

Officially done with this matter today….more to come regarding wedding….Africa and Flat  Tire # 2.